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Dental caries or cavities

Cavities also known as tooth decay or cavity (Black Hole) is a bacterial infection which causes destruction of the hard tissues of the teeth like the enamel, dentin and soft tissues like pulp.

Dental Cavities is one of the most commonly seen diseases in children and adults alike. The symptoms of tooth cavities are toothache/pain, bad breath and Foul taste and if untreated has the potential to spread and infect surrounding teeth and tissue too. On the other hand conditions like reduced salivary flow rate is also associated with increased caries.

Traditional Treatment still exists in many places, but the Adoption of new techniques and innovations in treatment and the importance given to Prevention of Caries and counseling that the patients get in various preventive techniques like proper Brushing, Flossing, use of mouth washes and overall oral hygiene have made Dr.Shwetha’s Dental and Implant Center stand apart from the rest as a complete dental care center.

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