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Skin Whitening Treatment in Hyderabad

What is Skin Whitening Treatment?

The term “skin whitening treatment,” often referred to as “fairness, lightning, and polishing treatment,” typically refers to achieving fair skin using a variety of techniques, including laser, peels, lotions, injections, and drugs, depending on the situation. Your skin may frequently get dark owing to a variety of causes, including sun exposure, lifestyle choices like smoking, hormonal fluctuations, and so forth. So whatever may be the cause, skin whitening treatment at Dr.Shwetha’s Skin & Hair Clinic, supervised by Dr. Shwetha Kakkerla offers a different approach providing desired results.

Skin Whitening Treatment Procedure

At Dr. Shwetha’s Skin & Hair Clinic, a variety of safe, tried-and-tested skin-whitening treatment solutions are presented to you along with the intended outcomes. Dr. Shwetha, begins your treatment by reviewing your medical history and determining the true reason why therapy is necessary. We place a strong emphasis on staying away from all types of aggressive treatment methods that may cause more harm than good in order to give you supple, lovely skin that is naturally healthy and vibrant.

With a variety of treatment choices that are suitable for all skin types without hesitation or cause for concern, the procedure is both safe and effective. Before recommending any course of action, Dr. Shwetha will personally interacts with the patient and determines their skin type to deliver a best possible outcome.

Skin Whitening Treatments Options

  • Full-body skin peeling treatment
  • Full-body laser Whitening treatment
  •  Prescribed Injections
  • Prescribed Oral tablets
  • Skin brightening lotions
  • Hydra facial treatment

Best Candidates For Skin Brightening Treatment

We like to offer our patients of all skin types with dull, lackluster skin the Skin Whitening Treatment. A candidate for this particular facial treatment may have noticeable brown spots on their skin, discoloration, and uneven skin tone. If your skin has taken the brunt of the effects from the sun, medications, or hormones, you may qualify for Skin Brightening Treatment. Even stress can cause your gorgeous skin to not look its best. Book an appointment with Dr. Shwetha’s skin & hair clinic today!


How much Fairness can I expect after treatment?

The unexposed parts of your body have a different skin color than the exposed part of the skin. You can expect to get naturally looking fairer skin like your unexposed skin such as chest / abdomen etc.

What is Glutathione Treatment?

Glutathione injections are very popular in the facial rejuvenation market where these injections are available as 600 mg to 5 grams dose, leaving aside the standard dose calculation. A doctor usually prescribes the appropriate amount of dose required after analyzing one’s skin condition.

How much does Skin Brightening Treatment Cost?

The cost of treatment may vary from individual to individual. It depends on various factors, like the targeted area for treatment, underlying cause, the severity of the skin condition, the number of sessions and the type of treatment. To know about the cost of treatment, visit our clinic, consult our dermatologists and obtain a customised treatment plan.

Is the fairness permanent if I do the Skin Whitening ?

Skin tone changes often, unless it is well-maintained. Hence, it is important to give proper skin care. This is because fairness results last based on appropriate Skin care. Talk to our experts today for more details.

Is Glutathhione Injections are safe?

Glutathione is an antioxidant that is already present inside the human body. But yes, a high dose of glutathione can turn out to be risky that can result in minor to major side effects. This is why the treatment should be supervised by a professional skin specialist to aviod complications.

What are the pre and post treatment care needed after skin lightening Treatment?

Keep your skin moisturized as you do regularly both prior and post the treatment. Use a UV protecting sunscreen to prevent skin infections. Our expert dermatologists will guide you with all the necessary information's to maintain a healthy skin.

Cliet Testimonials

Mr. Kumar

Dr Swetha is such a caring person and give good guidance to her patients. I had Skin Whitening treatment done here which was planned for couple of weeks got the result I was expecting

Monica jain

A perfect doctor to be rely on every treatment require! Amazing treatment with good care,and personal attention by Dr.Shwetha itself. Highly Recommended clinic and doctor

Silpa Yadav

This is a great place to go take care of your teeth. The team was very professional examining and providing with solutions by priority. Professional, & friendly staff made me feel like family.

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