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Oral Surgery

Comprehensive Oral Surgery Services at Dr. Shwetha's Clinic

Welcome to Dr. Shwetha’s Clinic, where we offer a comprehensive range of oral surgery services to address various dental conditions and enhance the health and functionality of your mouth. Our team of skilled oral surgeons is dedicated to providing the highest level of care, utilizing advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology to ensure optimal results and a comfortable experience for our patients.

Our Dental Surgery Services


At Dr. Shwetha’s Clinic, we understand that dental implants are a highly effective and long-lasting solution for replacing missing teeth. However, in some cases, patients may not have enough bone height in their upper jaw to support dental implants. This is where a sinus lift procedure comes into play. Our experienced oral surgeons perform sinus lift surgeries to augment the bone in the upper jaw, creating a solid foundation for dental implants and ensuring their success and functionality

What is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift, also known as a sinus augmentation, is a surgical procedure that involves adding bone to the upper jaw in the area of the molars and premolars. The maxillary sinuses, located on either side of the nose, often take up this space, leaving inadequate bone for implant placement. The sinus lift procedure aims to lift the sinus membrane and place bone graft material beneath it, effectively increasing the bone height to accommodate dental implants.


Following tooth extraction, the maxillary sinuses tend to expand into the jaw bone. Sometimes the expansion of the maxillary sinus happens extensively to a degree that prevents implant placement. Dental implants are inserted into bone and when the amount of bone is not enough to hold an implant, a sinus lift is indicated.

There are generally two main methods to performing sinus lifts

  • Internal sinus lift: This is almost always performed at the same time as implant placement, the cavity formed by implant surgery is used to access the floor of the maxillary sinus and help lift it.
  • External sinus lift: This is either performed as a separate procedure or concomitantly with implant placement. A separate access is utilized to lift the floor of the sinus cavity and allow for bone grafting.

The choice of methods will depend on the amount of bone already available, the amount of augmentation necessary, the anatomy of the sinus, the number of implants to be placed, and patient factors.


A large number of patients are under the impression that sinus lift procedures are very invasive, and might affect their sinuses significantly. Usually, however, this is not the case. Discomfort in the first few days following surgery are not uncommon, but long term complication are very seldom encountered.


Oral Surgeries

Expert Dental Extractions at Dr. Shwetha's Clinic

At Dr. Shwetha’s Clinic, we understand that dental extractions are sometimes necessary to preserve oral health and prevent further complications. Our skilled dental team is experienced in performing extractions with precision and care, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience for our patients.

A tooth which is very decayed or damaged, or loose because of gum disease may have to be extracted (taken out of your mouth). Wisdom teeth sometimes have to be extracted if they have come through at an awkward angle and are causing problems (such as decay in adjacent teeth or, being difficult to clean and causing infections). Teeth are sometimes taken out from children’s mouths to help other teeth which are crowded to grow straight, (usually on the advice of an orthodontist).


Our dental team ensures that the extraction process is as painless as possible. Local anesthesia is administered to numb the area, so you should not feel any pain during the procedure. After the extraction, some discomfort or soreness may occur, but it can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain medications.

The recovery period varies from person to person, but most patients can expect to feel back to normal within a few days. It is essential to follow post-operative instructions, including keeping the extraction site clean and avoiding certain foods and activities to promote healing.

It is recommended to wait until the anesthesia wears off completely before eating. For the first few hours after the extraction, stick to soft foods and avoid chewing on the extraction site. As you heal, you can gradually introduce more solid foods back into your diet

The recovery period for a simple dental extraction is usually a day or two. Most patients can resume their normal activities shortly after the procedure. However, if your extraction is more complex or if multiple teeth are extracted, you may need to take a day or two off to rest and recover.

Some minor bleeding at the extraction site is normal. To control bleeding, gently bite down on a piece of gauze or a moist tea bag for about 30 minutes. Avoid vigorous rinsing or spitting, as it can dislodge the blood clot and prolong bleeding

Yes, dental implants are a popular and effective option for replacing missing teeth after extraction. However, the feasibility of placing a dental implant depends on the condition of the jawbone and surrounding oral structures. Our dental team will assess your eligibility for dental implants during your consultation

Following post-operative instructions is crucial to minimize the risk of infection. Rinse your mouth gently with warm saltwater several times a day, avoid touching the extraction site with your fingers or tongue, and maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing carefully around the area


Expert Wisdom Tooth Extraction at Dr. Shwetha's Clinic

At Dr. Shwetha’s Clinic, we understand that wisdom teeth can sometimes become problematic, leading to various oral health issues. Our experienced dental team is skilled in performing wisdom tooth extractions with precision and care, ensuring a comfortable and smooth procedure for our patients.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last set of molars that typically emerge in the late teens or early twenties. While some people’s wisdom teeth come in without causing any problems, others may experience issues due to a lack of space in the mouth or improper positioning

When is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Wisdom tooth extraction may be necessary in the following situations:

Impacted Wisdom Teeth: When there is not enough space in the jaw for the wisdom teeth to fully erupt, they may become impacted (trapped beneath the gumline). Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to pain, infection, and damage to adjacent teeth, making extraction the preferred solution.

Overcrowding: Wisdom teeth can sometimes cause crowding, pushing other teeth out of alignment. Extracting the wisdom teeth can prevent this crowding and preserve the alignment of the rest of the teeth.

Pericoronitis: This condition occurs when the gum tissue around a partially erupted wisdom tooth becomes inflamed and infected. In such cases, extraction is often recommended to alleviate the pain and prevent further infection.

Decay or Damage: If the wisdom teeth are severely decayed, damaged, or causing cavities in neighboring teeth, extraction may be necessary to prevent further oral health issues.


No, wisdom tooth extraction is typically performed under local anesthesia or sedation, ensuring you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. Afterward, some discomfort may occur, but it can be managed with prescribed pain medications and should subside within a few days.

The recovery period varies from person to person, but most individuals can resume normal activities within a few days. However, it’s essential to follow post-operative care instructions carefully to facilitate proper healing and avoid complications.

While wisdom tooth extraction is considered a routine dental procedure, like any surgical intervention, it carries some inherent risks. These risks may include infection, dry socket (a condition where the blood clot dislodges from the socket), or temporary numbness in the lips or tongue. Our dental team takes all necessary precautions to minimize these risks and ensure a safe extraction process.

The necessity of removing all wisdom teeth at once depends on the specific dental condition and the individual’s oral health. In some cases, all four wisdom teeth may need to be extracted to prevent future complications. However, our dental team will assess your situation and provide personalized recommendations based on your needs.

Following the extraction, it’s advisable to stick to a soft-food diet for the first few days to avoid putting pressure on the extraction sites. Gradually, you can reintroduce solid foods as your mouth heals. It’s essential to avoid eating hard, crunchy, or sticky foods that may disrupt the healing process.

Client Testimonials

Excellent treatment by Dr swetha garu, madam gives lot of confidence to patient, staff also takes lot of care, receptionist madam daily call s and finds the condition, and suggests, hygiene madam also very experienced and perfect, I thank doctor swetha garu & staff for perfect treatment, thank you
anish b lal
anish b lal
The treatment was very nice thanks to the doctor and staff
Nitin Baluvuri
Nitin Baluvuri
Dr. Shwetha is known for her expertise work & painless treatment . Her compassionate and caring approach makes the patient comfortable . she is the best dentist & I am proud to be her patient 😊
Ganji Siva Kumar
Ganji Siva Kumar
Good experience doctor and staff with all good facilities
Very good doctor
ranjith rollon
ranjith rollon
Hi ..This Ranjith...I have successfully completed my crown treatment in this Hospital..I am suggesting if you have any problems relating to dental, without any doubt you will reach this hospital for your better treatment. Service is Good..
By far, the most experienced young dentist I have come across! Dr. Shwetha is a highly capable, energetic, vivacious, and extremely knowledgeable dentist. She has utilised this and has and still is providing comfortable, genuine, and very appropriate treatment to the patients who step into her clinic premises. I would definitely recommend Dr. Shwetha to all I know. They would be in safe hands. I wish her, her qualified staff, and her establishment all the very best.
bharti agarwal
bharti agarwal
Undoubtedly the best dental related experience i've ever had.every visit is like visiting friends . knowledgeable, friendly,personable, dentist/ hygienist - highly recommended 👏
Shweta Rao
Shweta Rao
The doctor is really good! Her job on my wisdom tooth extraction was painless. The whole team at the clinic are very capable! Thank you Doctor 🙏🏻

If you are experiencing dental issues that may require an extraction, trust the experienced dental team at Dr. Shwetha’s Clinic. We are committed to helping you maintain optimal oral health and providing the best solutions for your dental needs. Schedule a consultation with us today and take the first step toward a healthier and more beautiful smile.

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